Explore the Unexplored

This monsoon, join us for the breathtaking vistas, gigantic waterfalls, surreal views, and warm hospitality.

  1. Jul 22-23 (Sat-Sun)
  2. Jul 29-30 (Sat-Sun)
  3. Aug 05-06 (Sat-Sun)
  4. Aug 12-13 (Sat-Sun)
  5. Aug 14-15 (Mon-Tue)
  6. Aug 19-20 (Sat-Sun)
  7. Aug 26-27 (Sat-Sun)
  8. Sep 02-03 (Sat-Sun)
  9. Sep 09-10 (Sat-Sun)
  10. Sep 16-17 (Sat-Sun)
  11. Sep 23-24 (Sat-Sun)
Indian monsoons are all about lush greenery, the patter of raindrops, little rivulets everywhere and petrichor. It’s a time when nature is dressed in the colour that suits her best. Green. All shades of it from the fluorescent green of paddy fields to the emerald green of shady mango trees. Water makes music in the gush of a roaring waterfall or the silent bubbling of a brook.
This monsoon, experience nature at her best. Come, Discover Dediapada.
The Monsoon Waterfalls circuit starts in the small town of Dediapada. The route traverses approx 220 km. Easily accessible by drive, it is at a distance of ~120 km from Baroda and Surat. A destination yet unspoiled by tourists, monsoon transforms the region into a nature lover’s paradise with sloping hills and secret waterfalls that only locals know about.
Camp under the stars while savouring hot barbeque, soak under the waterfalls and wake up to a breathtaking 270 degree valley view.
Don’t believe us - read reviews what our guests had to say about us.

Fee (Per Person)
INR 3199 - Age 10+
INR 1799 - Age 5-10
There are no discounts.

Booking process
We accept bookings only through account transfer. Before making the payment, do check availability with us (contact details below). To book, please transfer the entire booking amount to the below account:
  1. Confirm the availability.
  2. Sign up the Agreement form (link will be shared).
  3. Make the payment to the specified account below and share the confirmation message/screenshot.

Account Details
Acc No: 35801106316
IFSC: SBIN0007787
Type: Current
Branch: Dediapada, Dist Narmada, Gujarat


If the cancellation request is received before days (days excluding the start of the trip),
  • 14 days - 100% refund
  • 4 days - 50% refund
  • 3 days (last 3 days) - no refund
For cancellation, please contact us.

Brief Itinerary
  • Day 1
    • Report at Dediapada
    • Dediapada to Kokam (breakfast midway)
    • Kokam to Mozda (lunch stop)
    • Mozda to Campsite (Night Halt)
  • Day 2
    • Campsite to Mesmerizing Waterfall
    • Mesmerizing Waterfall to Gigantic Waterfalls (lunch stop)
    • Return to Dediapada
    • Optional Ninai waterfall visit

Total Distance: ~170 km

Full Itinerary
  • Day 1 - Saturday
    • 8 00 AM – Report at Dediapada
      • Breakfast
    • 9 00 AM – Depart for Kokam
      • Reach by 10 AM
      • Bathe in the river and waterfall
      • Tea/Snacks
    • 1 00 PM - Depart for Mozda
      • Reach by 1 30 PM
      • Lunch
    • 2 30 PM - Depart for Campsite(Night halt)
      • Reach by 3 30 PM
      • Hot soup on arrival
      • Relax and settle into tents
      • Group activity (Dependent on weather conditions)
      • Dinner
      • DIY Outdoor Barbeque
  • Day 2
    • 7 00 AM - Wake up
      • Tea and Breakfast
      • Pack up
    • 10 00 AM - Depart for Mesmerizing Waterfalls
      • Reach by 10 45 AM
      • Bathe in the waterfall
      • Tea and snacks
    • 1 00 PM - Depart for Gigantic Waterfalls
      • Reach by 1 10 PM
      • Sightseeing
    • 1 30 pm - lunch
    • 3 00 PM - Depart for Dediapada
    • 4 00 PM - Visit Ninai Waterfall
    • 6 30 PM - Reach Dediapada
      • Bid adieu

An idyllic spot to start the day. A jungle stream runs by an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman.
A little way downstream is a waterfall nestled between bouldering rocks.
Safe even for kids and elders, it is an ideal bathing spot.

Strategically chosen by us after much consideration is the campsite.
Located at a height, the site drops into panoramic views of the valley on three sides with the great Tapti river in the distance.

Mesmerizing Waterfalls
Described by one of our guests as a ‘natural jacuzzi’, these falls are the highlight of the trip.
Impossible for tourists to find, a short trek through the forest takes you to the majestic falls.

Gigantic waterfalls
The scenic valley with its green slopes and sparkling waterfalls is the last stop on the Monsoon Waterfalls Circuit.

Ninai waterfalls
A short walk downhill, the falls make a picturesque backdrop and a good place to relax and put your feet up or indulge in some photography.

  • Food (Vegetarian only)
    • Unlimited lunch (both days) and unlimited dinner (first day only)
    • Outdoor Barbeque (Veggies and Paneer) (limited)
    • Breakfast (both days)
    • Tea
    • Snacks
    • Drinking water
    • Cutlery
    • For Jain food, we are happy to make arrangements but please inform us in advance.
      • We can only accommodate request of non garlic/onion/potato. Changing the entire menu or any item in menu is not possible.
    • Changing tents at waterfalls
  • Accommodation
    • Tents on a shared basis (2/3/4 sharing)
    • Sleeping bags or blankets (one per person)
    • Rugs inside tent
  • First Aid supplies
  • Guides for the entire duration of the trip
The fee excludes:
  • Transport
    • We expect guests to make their own transport arrangements to and from Dediapada and travel by their own vehicle for the duration of the trip.
    • However, upon advance request, we can arrange transportation from Dediapada on chargeable basis.
  • Forest entry fees
  • Personal expenses
  • Vehicle
    • A vehicle in good condition and with a full tank (fuel stops might be hard to come by during the trip)
    • Avoid low power vehicles like Activa, Scooty etc (Biking through Dediapada is fun but with good horsepower! Make sure your bike is 150cc and above)
    • We strictly follow safety guidelines - no tripsies on the bikes. Helmets if you’re riding a bike, seatbelts if you’re driving a car
    • Cars preferably with higher ground clearance
    • Driving License
  • Raincoat/umbrella
  • Hiking/sports shoes
  • Slippers/sandals
  • Torch and spare batteries
  • Water Bottle
  • Clothes
  • winter jacket
  • Quick-dry clothes and towels for bathing in the river/waterfalls
  • Sleepwear
  • Waterproof pouch/bag to keep your electronic items dry
  • Toiletries
  • Personal medicines
  • Camera (optional)
Avoid bringing expensive jewelry or valuable items on the trip.
  • Alcohol (There are much better alternatives available!)
  • Speeding on vehicles
  • Littering
  • Smoking around/inside tents (Smoking is injurious to tents!)
  • Any kind of promotion of other tour agent/operators/company or groups
  • This is a camping trip. Enjoy being close to nature and do not expect material luxuries.
  • Utmost care will be taken for your safety and comfort. However, man’s might is useless against that of nature. We will not be responsible for events beyond our control.
  • The trip is entirely dependent on weather conditions. In severe weather conditions, we may even be required to cancel the trip or make changes to the itinerary, keeping your safety in mind.
  • Respect nature. Don't go against it. Make sure you leave the place as you found it, if not a little cleaner.
  • Be prepared for unexpected rain showers and plan/pack accordingly.
  • We neither have any agents operating on our behalf nor do we hold third-party contracts with any other tour operators. Kindly contact us on the above mentioned contact channels only.
  • Please understand that this is a camping trip and material luxuries don't go hand in hand with such excursion. However, this trip has much more to offer in terms of 'natural luxuries'.
  • If you are interested in those sort of things (read ALCOHOL), there are much better alternatives available.

Do consider above two points (if they may concern you).
This trip consists of two days and good amount of traveling. If this trip doesn't offer what you are looking for, it would be much better to spend two days somewhere else that suits your requirements as we don't get 2 days off quite easily in this busy life.
The entire trip runs through quite remote areas, and despite all our efforts/good intentions, we really can't do much.

  1. Are toilets available?
    • Yes, toilets are available at campsite.
        Toilets are available at:
      • Day 1
        • Reporting
        • Breakfast
        • Nightstay - campsite - (English/western toilets available only at campsite)
      • Day 2
        • Campsite only
  2. Is it safe for children/senior citizens?
    • Yes, our program/arrangements are kid friendly as well as seniors friendly. Kids are quite common in out trip.
    • There is no age restriction from our side.
      • But please note that this is still a camping trip, so as a parent, you would be able to decide whether it would be suitable for your kid or not.
      • We have observed that majority of the kids adapt it quite enthusiastically though.
      • We keep hot water/milk/maggie/bournvita at campsite if required.
      • You must bring both monsoon as well winter clothes for the kids.
      • Note that bedding in tent would be on floor only, it does not have elevated beds.
  3. How much walk is there?
    • This is not a trekking trip. All places are covered in vehicle only. You need to walk 50-100 m at all places.
    • Only campsite has bit of more walk of around 800m, but it is plain walk takes approx 15 min.
    • There is 45 min of trek on second day though for a waterfall.
  4. Is mobile network available?
    • Do not expect throughout coverage for any network provider. But majority of the part you would get coverage.
    • Jio seems to have better coverage overall.
    • Do not rely on the internet speed though if you have any work.
  5. Is fuel available?
    • Dediapada is last stop where fuel stations are available. We would be covering approx 170 km in two days and there will not be any fuel station.
    • Fill up the tank at Dediapada only.
    • Also, out of 170 km, approx 100 km would in hills, so consider the range to be approx 250 and plan accordingly.
    • Fuel will be available through though in form of bottles and increased cost.
  6. Does campsite have electricity?
    • No, bring power bank for your charging needs.
  7. How are the roads?
    • The trip route travels through all type of road conditions, from nice tarmac road to off-road. For majority of the part, they are in bad conditions.
    • if comfort is not the top-most priority, you can evaluate an option of hiring Toofan from Dediapada, which would cost approx 5000 (+-500) for entire two days.
    • However, the route is frequently accessed by the travelers with their personal vehicles including sedan and hatch. So route doesn't stop any vehicle from the traveling.